Wooden picture cubes

The tradition of Czech toys – wooden picture cubes dates back to the 1950s.
Wooden picture cubes

Dino took their production under its wing in 2018. Children’s cubes carry pictures of various motifs, mostly from folk art. 

Just like our customers, we place emphasis on quality, natural materials, craftsmanship and tradition

We offer wooden cubes in a wide range of motifs and difficulty levels. Our products feature traditional as well as modern motifs. Cubes with pictures of popular children’s heroes from TV and film shows, such as the Little Mole, Peppa Pig or characters from Walt Disney’s fairy tales are in great demand.

As regards difficulty, we produce cubes in packs of 4, 6, 12 and 20 cubes and we also offer special editions of educational and creative cubes. 

The product also includes picture templates

Development of motor skills and imagination

Picture cubes are a fun toy which develops children's imagination and logic, forms a sense of detail and trains colour perception. 

Putting the pictures together requires concentration and teaches children patience. 

In addition to the development of intellectual skills, the children also practice their motor skills by putting together the pictures from the cubes and by manipulating them.

We care about safety

Our wooden cubes meet strict safety and hygiene regulations. They are tested by an authorized testing laboratory in accordance with the EN 71 standard with a certificate. 

We care about quality

Our cubes are made from quality, dried, mostly spruce wood from the region under the Giant Mountains. They are completely harmless to health. Images and adhesive glue are supplied only by reputable companies. The cubes are certified and environmentally friendly.

We deliver our products outside the Czech Republic too

We distribute wooden cubes not only in the Czech Republic. We also cooperate with companies abroad and export our cubes all over the world. 

What are “cubuses"?

Our picture cubes have come to be known as the “cubuses”. The term refers to the entire kit, including the picture templates and packaging, i.e. the finished product. 
You can also find picture cubes under the same name in other countries, e.g. the Netherlands and Germany.

Customized production  

Are you looking for an original gift for your clients and would you like to associate this traditional toy with your brand? 

We will make you wooden picture cubes with your own motif and box design. 

For more information click here.

Business cooperation

If you want to include our wooden picture cubes in your sales ask for the terms of business cooperation directly at export@dinotoys.cz.

Dřevěné lic. kostky Krtek a zvířátka – 12 kostek
3+ let
38 mm
CZK 269
In stock more than 100 ks
Dřevěné kostky Čísla – 20 kostek
38 mm
3+ let
CZK 369
In stock more than 100 ks
Dřevěné kostky Kohout – 4 kostky
0+ let
38 mm
CZK 146
In stock 61 ks
Dřevěné kostky Lesní zvířátka – 6 kostek
0+ let
38 mm
CZK 169
In stock more than 100 ks
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