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Base EN/DE

20 min
8+ let
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The Base is a tactic game for two players. Each player controls their unit consisting of three pieces and moves that to get each of them from one side to the other before the opponent. But be carefull, as the time is running up, The Base is closer and closer to its end!

The place could not be found on maps. The explorers were never told what The Base had been used for. Yet the command was simple: Collect the samples left behind. They entered The Base and all its systems awoke. The data mined from the corrupted archives informed them about the research which had been carried out there. And meanwhile, deep in the complex maze of corridors and labs, something was rousing from its slumber. All of a sudden, a warning popped up on the screens.....

In this original Czech game you are trying with your team of three pieces pass as quickly as possible through the labyrinth of corridors of the abandoned The Base. You are in duel not only with your opponent but also with a still countdown time.

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Content: 25 board tiles, 10 tiles of starting slots, 6 wooden pieces with stickers, 1 countdown board, 1 countdown token, 4 bonus tokens, 1 rulebook.

Specifikace produktu
Délka hry:20 min
Copyright:Petr Czerny
Věk od:8+ let
Hráčů od–do:2
Rozměry balení:242 x 242 x 55 mm
Kategorie: Rodinné hry
Číslo produktu: 771314
EAN: 8590878771314
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